Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Album Review: Hackensaw Boys - Charismo

The last two days I've listened to an advanced copy of the Hackensaw Boys upcoming album Charismo. It is produced by Larry Campbell who was the ringleader of Levon Helm's band it's last few years. The album will drop on Tax Day by Free Dirt Records and I recommend using your refund to procure this release. The band has evolved over the years with the current iteration a trio consisting of founder David Sickmenn, who returned after a long hiatus in 2012, festival favorite Ferd Moyse, and Brian Gorby, who inherited the album's namesake - the Charismo - from Justin Neuhardt. 

The songs on Charismo are all original written by Sickmen and Moyse and a good ear can distinguish them. There's more sophistication and maybe more seriousness to the songs, and not the jamming thrillers we loved at festivals. But the harmonies are still killer. The opening track "Don't Bet Against Me" is in my opinion the best track with "Happy For Us in the Down" and "Flora" two more favorites. Festival goers will want to listen to "Limousin Lady". As much as I'd like to pair this album with Veritas Winery, where the band plays often, but Starr Hill Brewery seems a better option. Cheers.