Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Doug & Telisha Williams @ The Birchmere

Doug and Telisha Williams opened for Joe Ely and Joel Guzman at the April 24 Birchmere show and weren't they a pleasant surprise. This husband and wife duo have been playing together for years - from attending the same high school, attending different colleges, and through "normal" occupations. Finally, full time musicians, the duo have the playful chemistry of spouses accompanied by excellent vocal and musical talent.

Telisha's voice is powerful - in the old school country tradition. Her vocals immediately grab your attention; a few audience members, including ourselves, exclaimed "wow" when they started. During most of the short set Doug kept the rhythm while Telisha sung and played the bass cello or mandolin. Most of their songs where off their CD Rope Around My Heart, with the title track a playful love song that the two wrote together - about each other. "Nashville" was a great song that anyone who has spent a day at Tootsie's can appreciate. Coming on a future CD, "Learning to Drink Whiskey" was another fun song, where they describe how relationships and the process of drinking the spirit are quite similar. For the last song, "Bad Attitude", Doug was finally able to exhibit his vocals and play a more rockin' arrangement that was a great finale for the set.

Doug and Telisha Williams have scheduled a full tour this summer playing festivals and small venues. Make sure you check MyJoog.com or their website for dates.

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