Friday, November 14, 2008

Sirius XM Radio Channel Merger

Subscribers to XM Radio should have noticed several programming changes this week as XM and Sirius Satellite Radio merged channels. We primarily listened to three stations Bluegrass Junction (14), Bluesville (76) and X Country (12). Fortunately there has been no change to the first two and we can still here Bill Wax, Kyle Cantrell, and Marty Fitzpatrick play their favorites. However, we are sad to report that X Country has been replaced by Sirius' Alt-Country channel Outlaw Country. The new channel includes shows hosted by several well known artists: Elizabeth Cook's Apron Strings; The Loon In The Afternoon - Mojo Nixon; Marty Stuart's American Odyssey; and Steve Earle: Hardcore Troubadour Radio. We listened to Ms. Cook's broadcast this week and liked what we heard. But we will miss the X Country personalities, particularly Jessie Scott, Robert Earl Keen, Jack Ingram, Texas Fred, and Dave Alvin.

On other channels, Tom Petty and Bob Dylan's shows are still available and we got our first listen to Jimmy Buffett's Radio Margaritaville. Besides Buffett, we heard John Prine and John Hiatt this morning. We are also looking forward to hearing the Elvis Channel - all Elvis all the time - and Bruce Springsteen's show. So everything is not all bad.

For more information visit Orbit Cast and give us your thoughts of the lineup changes.

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Libin' Large said...

I canceled my two XM subscriptions today. XM12 X-Country was the only station I listened to. If it returns, I will too.

It was great, mind-expanding music, and I miss Hang Time, Rogue Calls, Texas Fred's Zydeco Trailride, Jessie Scott, Armadillo Radio ... Sigh. Why must all good things come to greedy, stupid endings?

Probably fruitless, but this petition already has more than 1000 signatories:

Oh well, my local/regional college/alternative/public radio station is going to be the happy beneficiary of my unhappy parting with XM. I'm pledging all of my XM money to WNCW, broadcasting from Isothermal Community College in Spindale, NC.

So many channels and not one alternative country slot. Damn, damn, damn.

-Libin' Large (and missin' my X-Country)
in Aiken, SC