Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fleetwood Mac

On Tuesday March 10th we attended the Verizon Center show for Fleetwood Mac's "Unleashed" tour - commemorating the 30th anniversary of the release of Rumours. Yes its been 30 years. One of my first concerts was a Fleetwood Mac show 30 years ago supporting the CD's release. We've seen the band numerous times since, we the last show probably 10 years ago. Since we had practically lost track of the band since, we were excited to see the new tour. Although we still feel the sticker shock when seeing the ticket prices. Also considering that the band is getting older, the Verizon Center is a lousy venue to hear music, and our knees were in our chins after sitting - we were beginning to second guess ourselves.

But as soon as they ripped into Monday Morning - all negative thoughts evaporated. The band can still play. The show seemed to revolve around Lindsey Buckingham and from previous shows I never really appreciated his talents. Youthful ignorance. But he can play - and he's relentless. I don't know how he had the energy. The same holds for Mick Fleetwood. All night he pounded away on drums as if he was n his 20s. John McVie was steady on bass - but since he never takes center stage - concert goers do not get a chance to appreciate his talents. Then there's Stevie Nicks. She looked great and just as youthful as when our friend Ron threw his shirt at her 20 years ago in Tallahassee. Her voice hasn't changed either, as sexy as ever. Her version of Landslide was great.

Another great part of the show is that the band isn't promoting a new CD, so all we heard were the classics: Second Hand News; Go Your Own Way; Don't Stop; Dreams; Rhiannon; Over My Head. They just kept coming. Just when we started thinking "there's nothing left to play", they'd crank out another hit - long forgotten. There were enough classics for two encores. This is a tour worth seeing. Yes the band is getting older. But they can play. We are already looking at the expanded schedule and will make a road trip to another venue.

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