Monday, April 6, 2009

Oneside @ RiRa Bethesda

After a night watching the The Gourds, we dragged ourselves out for a second night - why is it so hard now - to catch up with our buddies Oneside. Every couple of months the band spends two nights in the D.C. area, once at Ri Ra Arlington the second at Ri Ra Bethesda. This evening there was a good size crowd, some regulars, some family, and some fans like ourselves. Even members of Scythian showed their support. In fact, Scythian's sound crew is actively recording a few of Oneside's live performances in order to produce an EP or CD which will be available for purchase from their website.

Oneside opened with new material - both originals and covers - intertwined with some of our son's favorites from First to Last. As much as we love their CD, its nice to hear new material - even the covers which the audience sang along to. How can you not when its The band, Johnny Cash, John Prine, among others. The acoustics was crystal clear - probably a result from the audio recordings. For the first time Jake's drumming real stood out - he was jammin. Maybe it was the microphones or Lent - but he was right on. Oneside is a fun bar band. They may not have the following as the Gourds, but the evening was just as fun. See you next time guys.

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