Sunday, August 9, 2009

MyJoog Venue: Tim's Rivershore Restaurant

This Saturday we made our annual pilgrimage to Tim's Rivershore Restaurant & Crabhouse, located south of Wadhington D.C. in Dumfries, Virginia. There is no similar facility south of the city where people can go and relax near the water, eat crabs, and listen to live music. Let's not forget watching boaters party on there vessels or come in on the water taxi, or even the freight and Amtrak trains rolling by. Tim's provide a spot on a secondary pier, which while providing a nice sound, keeps the artist far enough away from the tiki bar where the listener does not feel overwhelmed by the music. Plus its keeps you focused on the water. We arrived in the mid afternoon to find Damion Wolfe on the pier playing to an already large audience. Wolfe is a local artist who regularly performs at similar venues from Baltimore to Richmond. He played a mixture of covers and originals that provided nice background music to our day. The music was not overbearing so that you could converse with neighbors or sing along.

A little after 5, Wolfe packed up and we started to consider whether to call it a day. Then we noticed a familiar artist rolling in new equipment - blues man Whop Frazier and our decision was made for us. Apparently on Saturday's Tim's provided two artists, one from 1-5 the other from 6-10 and Frazier often occupies this second time slot. He is a D.C. native that turned to the blues after hearing blues legend Bobby Parker. "In the years that followed, Frazier played blues with numerous other musicians, including James Cotton, Junior Wells, and Carey Bell. He also recalls a time when he did a show with Eric Clapton." As you can imagine, seeing him setting up for a show was a great surprise. We stayed and listened to several original and popular blues covers - primarily Chicago blues. At this point, most conversations ended as people actively listened, sand, and danced. We were so attuned to the music we barely noticed the sun setting and the tiki lamps and tree lights turning on. What a great way to spend a summer day. Tim's provides live music every Friday-Sunday during the summer - go take a look.

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