Sunday, April 4, 2010

Popa Chubby @ Jammin' Java

This past Saturday night, April 3rd, I got to see one of my favorite contemporary rock-blues artists Popa Chubby, who made his semi-annual trip to Jammin' Java. This was fortunate since he seems to spend most of his time touring in Europe - wish I could see him at the Gastroblues Festival in Paks, Hungary. And its hard to believe that I've first hard the artists almost two decades ago when he released The Hungry Years. In the meantime, he hasn't slowed down a bit - his live performance is truly awesome. He doesn't stand aside to anyone when it comes to playing the electric guitar and at times his voice reminds me of Rick Estrin. But boy can he play. Check out the video uploaded to the MyJoog Facebook page. Popa Chubby has just released a new CD, The Fight Is On, which is way more rock than blues. But you have to hear, Switchblade Combs and Candy Cigarettes. And since he won't be around for another six months, the CD will have to be a replacement.

Now, the only disappointment with the evening occurred with the warm-up act, Moreland & Arbuckle - a disappointment in that they only played for about 30 minutes. This was the first I've heard the band and they can play - I immediately purchased their latest CD, Flood. This trio, along with drummer Brad Horner, are from Wichita, Kansas and have a similar blues-rock sound as Popa Chubby. Except you add Dustin Arbuckle harp. What a great sound. And then guitarist Aaron Moreland breaks out a guitar made from a cigar box; can't tell any difference from the standard electric guitar except it contains a bass string. Thus he can add a deeper sound - ala Reverend Peyton. They played several songs from Flood, some originals and some covers; really like their version of Legend of John Henry, plus 18 Counties and Red Moon Rising. This was only their second show in the area and I will be there for their third.

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