Monday, June 21, 2010

MyJoog Venue: Pontunes; Key Largo, Florida

While heading down to Key Large, Graham Wood Drout of IKO-IKO recommended that we visit Pontunes for two reasons. One the tiki bar provides live music on the weekends in which IKO-IKO is a regular participant, and two, the venue provides a free ride on a replica pirate ship. With a 5 year old in tow - that was all we needed to hear. Unfortunately while making an online reservation we learned that the Coast Guard was not allowing the pirate ship to carry passengers - all necessary permits were not on file. Shades of the Coast Guard banning the barges in Louisiana trying to stop the oil from creeping to the shore. Anyhow, the Captain and crew allowed us to board the vessel before they set sail with just the crew in order to maintain seaworthiness.

As the pirate ship left, our attention turned to The Bird Street Players and their funky sound which quickly distracted the little boy. Even with a slow night, these guys were fun - even heard the same Jimi Hendricks tune that IKO-IKO played the previous night - same song - completely different tune. They even covered Johnny Cash - wonder if they share the same set list? But I definitely want to hear these guys again, without the boy and with more than one Pirate Punch.

For those heading to the Keys for the July 4th weekend, checkout 18 Wheelers on July 4th. Maybe the ship will be sailing with passengers that evening.

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