Monday, August 30, 2010

soihadto, Brewer's Art, The Water and more...

At last year's Food Network Wine & Food Festival we ran into Chef Duff from the Ace of Cakes who informed us that he plays in a band that pre-dates the cable show. The band is the "lyrically" liberated ..soihadto and has been playing together for about four years. Their motto is "hold the vocals"; thus a show is all music all the time. Their sound is part funk, part punk, sometimes techno - something we normally don't listen to on a day to day basis. However since they had scheduled at show at the Orion Sound Studios we decided to pair their music with some fine Resurrection Ale from Brewer's Art and invite them on MyJoogTV. After the tasting we stuck around to tape a few songs for the podcast. That is, we only expected to stick around for the first few - but instead - stayed for the total set - we had totally gotten hooked to their sound. There's a lot of rhythm, subtle percussion and funky bass. And best of all, the electric guitar blended right in - and was never over the top. You just can't help getting into the groove. And as a bonus for staying to the end, their last song of the set was my favorite. Make sure you take a look at our video when released at MyJoogTV

Opening the session was a two man outfit that emits way more sound than your usual duo. That's right, The Water is a full band. How do they get that sound. Before each song, they record a guitar riff, or possibly some bass, or piano - and then let that loop through while they jam on the drums or electric guitar. It works. Mostly you sit mesmerized while they interchange instruments and hear this powerful sound emerge. Perhaps later this fall, The Water will join whatever form soihadto evolves into on tour. That will be one series we will not miss.

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