Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Andrew Belle, Trent Dabbs, Bobbie Allen Impress a Sold Out Jammin Java crowd

It may be time to start watching prime time television. Not because the programs are worthwhile; but evidently the music is. That's how people are discovering Trent Dabbs, who performed Monday June 20th at Jammin Java with Andrew Belle and local artist Bobbie Allen. Dabbs' songs have appeared in Grey's Anatomy, One Tree Hill, Vampire Diaries, plus many more (see TuneFind); but this isn't your everyday non-talented swooner trying to occupy the teen market. No, this is a talented singer-songwriter that has a little grit to his songs. Loved his song commemorating his meeting with Neil Young. I would recommend his latest, Southerner, particularly on vinyl.

Andrew Belle was equally impressive - maybe more so since he had to shell out major bucks to purchase a last minute ticket to reach Washington after his original flight was cancelled. And like Dabbs, many of his songs have been seen on television - but that's about it for similarities - besides of course, being singer songwriters. Belle's vocals are a cross between Joe Pug and John Mayer, with just enough roughness to create an authenticity sound. Plus he plays a cool beat up guitar. Take me to Ladder. What was most appealing was the interaction between Belle and Dabbs - honest banter that was entertaining. These guys have a chemistry together - maybe as a result of the Ten Out Of Tenn songwriter series. This talented group goes on tour in September and we will be at the Iota show - no doubt about it.

Speaking of Iota, Bobbie Allen just hosted her EP release party for "Ready or Not" at the venue. Ms. Allen has a fabulous voice and with a little guitar experience - her songs should be appearing soon on a television show near you.

Check out the videos of each performer on the MyJoogTV YourTube channel.

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