Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sarah Siskind: Novel

We've been following Sarah Siskind for sometime now; through her CDs, The Festy, and her appearance on MyJoogTV. Yet, her upcoming CD, Novel, outperforms all these. This is her best effort yet. I tried listening while working but had to cease this routine since I was compelled to completely concentrate on the songs. No mindless easy listening here. Bike riding is a better listening option. The music is simple, yet powerful. Loving, yet sometimes mournful. The title track was my favorite, which includes backing from Ari Hest. Here is the track-by-track listing of this highly recommended CD:

1. Yellow And Blue - Besides the lyrics, concentrate on the percussion
2. Novel - A beautiful song with Ari Hest backing
3. Take Me - I want to be a little boy?; really? Nice change of pace.
4. Feeling for You - Like the guitar combos
5. I Think About Love - Not so much with me, but still enjoy the song
6. Welcome Home - Here's hoping my wife sings this song to me when returning from The Festy
7. Crying On A Plane - Impressive vocal range in a lovely song
8. Nowhere In The Middle - Starting the emotional roller coastal with an uptempo self-portrait?
9. You're Still There - Nice composition while continuing the emotional roller coastal
10. Rescue You - Bluesy tune with tight harmonies to conclude the ride
11. Didn't It Rain - Classic interpretation of great song

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