Thursday, December 8, 2011

Black Box Revelation - The Next Generation Rocks

Regular readers probably tire of our griping about the lack of authentic rock music - which at times arises again with some garage rock or jam bands. The Black Keys and The Drive-By Truckers are two that we generally migrate to and let me add a third, the Belgium - yes Belgium - based Black Box Revelation. Their publicist sent me a sample not too long ago and immediately took to this duo. There's a ton of music that's emitted by two players and their EP "Shiver of Joy" is awesome - from the title track to DbT-ish Sealed With Thorns. Their sound seems a blend of our two favorites and they youngsters have obviously studied the masters of the sixties and seventies. And I say youngsters, 22-year-old Jan Paternoster is just eligible to participate in MyJoogTV whereas his mate, 20-year-old Dries Van Dijck, can't legally indulge in the U.S.. Which may explain why their current American tour is so short. There are only a few dates left in the DC and NY for this weekend.  If you want to rock - check out Black Box Revelation

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