Thursday, January 12, 2012

Vonda Shepard & Emily Hurd - New Releases for 2012

Honestly, even after two Golden Globes, two Emmy Awards, two Screen Actor’s Guild Awards, and over 12 million album sales; I never really bothered to listen to Vonda Shepard. Maybe it was an anti-pop culture phase from her "Ally McBeal" fame. Maybe it was being tied to the blues and roots rock. Whatever the reason, that was a huge mistake. Recently I was sent a copy of her latest CD, Solo - just Shepard and her piano - and I was completely overwhelmed. Whether covering famous songs ("You Belong To Me" and "Walk Away Renee") or her originals - she has my devote attention. No mind wandering background music here. My favorite tracks are "The Sunset Marquis" and "Soothe Me" and both illustrate her song writing finesse as well as her vocal range. I hope she plans on long 2012 tour - this is one show I will plan a road trip.

Another female singer-songwriter, Emily Hurd, is also out with a new CD: Long Lost Ghosts. Hurd has those bluesy vocals we are accustomed to listening to, so this CD easily fell into our play list. Just listen to the title track - great vocals and a talented supporting cast. The rest of the songs are catchy - but Hurd provides an edge to them, the result - these are not your typical pop songs. And "Irreparably Yours"  - that's an instant classic.

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