Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Jim Hanft Releases 'Weddings or Funerals'

Makes you wonder how difficult the music industry has become when it takes an American folk artist to be discovered by a Swedish record producer. That's what happened to Jim Hanft when Veranda Records owner, Petra Marten, attended a show in NYC. a short while later she offered Hanft a record deal and it was off to Stockholm with musical partner Samantha Yonack to record some music. Twelve of the twenty songs recorded made it into his new CD, Weddings or Funerals which was officially released today.

I received a Soundcloud link to the release a few weeks back and have been listening to it quite regularly when online. And actually had it piped through speakers playing in our condo last week during vacation. Got to like unlimited broadband. These are real songs, honest songwriting recorded with minimalist production. Just Hanft, his acoustic guitar, harmonica, and supporting vocals from Yonack. Their duo in "Lazy Love" showcase her vocal abilities. "Run My Love" and "Alternate Route" are my favorite tracks; each with Yonack's soft backing and Americana at its heart. The later really reminds me of James Hyland from the old South Austin Jug Band. Check this CD out.

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