Friday, July 27, 2012

Album Review: Town Mountain Rips Out "Leave The Bottle"

One of our favorite acts at The Festy a few years back was Town Mountain and now the band is back on our radar with their upcoming release, Leave The Bottle. And this CD reminds me why we loved their "original bluegrass and roots country" in the first place. Start with the title track. Written by Jesse Langlais, the song showcases their tight harmonies and individual musicianship in a classic country song. They then plow ahead with Robert Greer's Up the Ladder and hit deeper roots with Phil Barker's Lawdog - perhaps my favorite track. Or is it Bobby Britt's instrumental Four Miles or Langlais' Away From Home? As fans of the band will notice, these are all original tunes with the only cover provided by the Wood Brothers in Loaded.  These last two songs illustrates the band's easy transition from bluegrass to alt-country. Don't Go Home Tonight without listening to these songs. The CD will be officially released September 4th, 2012.

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