Monday, August 20, 2012

Caroline Herring's CAMILLA coming August 28th

On August 28th, country -folk singer Caroline Herring will release her 6th CD, CAMILLA - ten songs that will depress, inspire, and reflect. They are songs of injustice, but also beneficence. "The album is filled with stories of people traveling long hard journeys who are ultimately rewarded by self-worth, resolution, or the promise of kindness." The CD is worth the cost simply for Traveling Shoe, a gospel hymn aiding by Mary Chapin-Carpenter and Aoife O’Donavan.  Simply Beautiful. As is Flee As A Bird.  The bravery of the 1961 Freedom Riders are encountered in White Dress, out right brutality in the title track, and kindness and perseverance in Black Mountain Lullaby. The agreeable and dis-agreeable nature of the human existence. The simple fact is that Herring is one talented songwriter and has the vocals to move the listener.

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