Friday, September 7, 2012

A Night at Jammin Java with Ingram Hill & the Sam Grow Band

Last night I finally got out to see some new music courtesy of Ingram Hill. The threesome was performing at Jammin Java along with the Sam Grow Band and Jared McCloud. My first impression - wish I was a dozen years younger based on the beauties in attendance. My second impression was digging Sam Grow until they through a curveball with Michael Jackson. Now I can't get Billie Jean out of my mind. My final impression is I think I enjoy the tracks from Ingram Hill's self titled CD, Ingram Hill, more than their previous work. A little bit more country and a little less pop-rock. They have a good sound - only complaint is they seem to lose the audience between songs.  But all three are traveling together for the next couple weeks. Check them out. Cheers.

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