Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Album Review: The Highballers - Soft Music and Hard Liquor

Do you like songs about drinkin' and then apologizing afterwards. Does that happen to you often? Well, our favorite local old school country band, The Highballers, are sitting on a brand spankin' new album of original songs that pretty much reflect that lifestyle. Soft Music and Hard Liquor is a collection of classic honky tonk, rippin' guitar, and subtle harmonies that work as much today as in the past. No need to go past the opening track, Juneen, to hear what I mean. Sean Lally (Lead Guitar), Drake Sorey (Drums), and Michael Barrientos (Bass) provide the framework to frontman Kendall Jackson and backing vocalist Victoria Patchen country vocals.  Lally takes charge in I Didn't Mean to Get Drunk Last Night, Doing Time in Pennsylvania, and I Take Pride in My Drinkin' - notice a trend? Live to Let You Down is a classic country duet - showcasing the chemistry between Jackson and Patchen. But my favorite tracks are those with the more laid back melodies: The Price You Pay, Virginia, and Better Man. These are songs where the band's cohesiveness really shines with no one member overshadowing the others. The album will be officially released January 12, 2013 at IOTA Club & Cafe in Arlington, so make sure you put that date on your calendar.

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