Saturday, March 2, 2013

Beer Review: Starr Hill Brewing Monticello Reserve Ale

Courtesy of Starr Hill Brewing
If you've been to Floydfest or Delfest or Rhythm & Roots, Bonnaroo or any assortment of East Coast festivals, you are probably familiar with the large black, red, and tan(?) star(r) in full display in the beer garden. If you've ever visited Charlottesville Virginia, you may have witnessed a concert sponsored by this brewery. Or been poured one of their beers. Of course I'm referring to Starr Hill Brewing. And, as Master Brewer Mark Thompson once told me, "Music and beer is what Starr Hill does". Ain't that the truth. Nothing like drinking a Starr Hill and listening to Scott Miller or the Hackensaw Boys on the Floydfest Pink Floyd Garden Stage. Another Charlottesville musician, Peyton Tochterman, is also a Starr Hill fan, particularly their Monticello Reserve Ale - which we reviewed on MyJoogTV last year. This seasonal brew is the official beer of Monticello and brewed using ingredients Thomas Jefferson likely used two centuries ago: wheat, corn, and East Kent Goldings hops. And some of the hops were harvested from the Monticello property. The hops are very subtle, adding a citrus element to the sweet honey flavor. As with the colonial style it resembles a cask ale, with the lighter carbonation releasing as the beer warms. This is a fresh, clean beer - only wish they had some available at summer concerts. Cheers.

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