Friday, April 26, 2013

Album Review - Austin Produces Another Rockn' Band: Western Youth

This week I was sent the debut EP (Leaving the Station) from the Austin-based roots rock band Western Youth, and after listening to the first track, immediately move it to the front of my listening queue. Why? Because this EP combines my two favorite music styles, classic Rock n' Roll & Alt Country. What's not too like. Plus, after further listening; no two tracks are the same, I can relate to the lyrics, and the music, well, the music rocks - starting with Somewhere, Somehow. A little Mick Jaggar-ish lyrics as well. The alt-country surfaces in the next couple of tracks - particularly when the pedal steel pipes in. And I think everyone who's been to a bar has a Falling Down experience.Then there's Black Freightliner.  An instant classic - some blues, some gospel - more Louisiana than Austin. Awesome. That sums up the EP as well. Cheers.

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wes williams said...

I'm with you..... heard the band live, then went out and bought the EP. The guitar work, vocal harmonies and pedal steel are exceptional.