Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Album Review: Blackmore's Night - Dancer and the Moon

A couple weeks back I received a review CD that seemed vaguely familiar. The name of the band is Blackmore's Night, then I realized that the Blackmore side of the equation was Ritchie Blackmore of early Deep Purple fame. In other words, the Deep Purple played on the classic rock stations. Not having followed Blackmore, I assumed a rockin' Smoke on the Water style CD - that is after all, my favorite Deep Purple song. Wrong. Nothing that I imagined. Oh yea, there is still plenty of rockin' guitar - but this time surrounded by flutes and French Horns and the mesmerizing vocals of his wife, Candice Night. For Blackmore's Night plays Renaissance music, and not the upbeat dance styles like Great Big Sea or Scythian - but more traditional old time Renaissance music - ballads and minstrels.

And it works; Blackmore & Night nail this. And I know what you are thinking, Renaissance music. But just like Blackmore expanded his musical repertoire - we all need to do the same. Starting right here.  This is one CD I'm forcing all my rock-n' roll friends to listen. And did I say Night's voice is mesmerizing? Unbelievably so. Pair this CD with your favorite mead - for me - Orchid Cellar Winery Knight.
  • I Think It's Going To Rain Today - soothing voice followed by some rockin' guitar
  • Troika - Fleetwood Mac meets Abba
  • The Last Leaf - when I fell in love with Night's voice; forget that Blackmore is part of the band
  • Lady in Black - Rennaissance Rock
  • Minstrels in the Hall - gypsy jazz guitar instrumental
  • Temple of the King ** - has it all - guitar - vocals - story
  • Dancer and the Moon - traditional - wood winds - almost ABBA-ish in a good way
  • Gilliard - traditional instrumental
  • The Ashgrove - wins in the best guitar in a lullaby category
  • Somewhere Over the Sea -  the angel is singingopver the sea
  • The Moon is Shining (Somewhere Over the Sea) ** - get your percussion and guitar ready - this is not your everyday minstrel song
  • The Spinner's Tale - is that a flute?
  • Carry on... Jon - another instrumental - Blackmore struts his stuff 
** Fan Favorite

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