Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Nomadic Life Springs Forth Jason Tyler Burton and Headwaters

With all my WineCompass duties in July, I missed the July 8th release of Headwaters, the sophomore release from Jason Tyler Burton. But I've been catching up all day with the release on a continuous loop. Not one sour grape in the bunch. And I can't decide which track I enjoy most. I thought A Garden Grows, then The Waltz, then A Finer Line, then the powerful title track, and so on down the line. All are characterized by Burton's soft, easy vocals; subtle harmonica, strings, and guitars; and phenomenal backing vocals. Must be either Katy Taylor, Jessika Soli Bartlett, Rachel Panitch, or Lynsey Shelar. The inspiration for the album comes from Burton's wandering ways - specifically trying to find the source of the Green River in the mountains of Wyoming:
In 2007, he and his wife ventured west from Kentucky to the Utah wilderness, leaving behind the security of a career in higher education, with a desire “to take some risks and live a better story,” living out of their van and working with the National Park Service and other seasonal jobs. The idea for the album came to him while searching for the source of the Green River in the mountains of Wyoming, recalling his childhood pastime. The songs on Headwaters were born out of the stories he encountered while living this nomadic life in the heart of the American West, stories about the search for meaning and belonging.
Listen often and pair with Bitter Creek Brewing, located not far from the Green River in Rock Springs, Wyoming. Cheers.

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