Monday, July 21, 2014

Album Review: Brian Pounds - Strikes and Gutters

When I received the Strikes and Gutters EP from Brian Pounds, I was immediately impressed by his smooth, soulful vocals. I guess The Voice was a relevant venue to display his talents.  Then you add in the pedal steel and I'm hooked. The pedal steel is played by Brian Douglas Phillips (also the producer) and I enjoy listening to the interplay between Pounds' vocals and the country twang of the instrument. Pounds' songwriting is also passionate and honest, the opening track reminds me of the late Brad Payne, whereas I feel Keep My Hands to Myself was written for JJ Grey. Fred Mandujand (drums), Matt Wiley (electric guitar), and Billy Masters (electric guitar) round out the supporting cast; and I looking forward to following this obviously upward mobile musician. Pair with Austin's Adelbert's Brewery. Cheers.

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