Monday, April 27, 2015

Album Review: Trout Steak Revival - Brighter Every Day

It didn't take long to warm up to Colorado's Trout Steak Revival and their just released album Brighter Every Day. The appeal definitely starts with the band's orchestration and performance of the songs;  I had noticed a Stringduster-like quality even before I read that the album was produced by Chris Pandolfi. Another asset is that all five members [Steve Foltz (mandolin & guitar), Casey Houlihan (standup bass), Will Koster (dobro & guitar), Travis McNamara (banjo), and Bevin Foley (fiddle)] contribute vocals and songwriting so the album is a diverse ride through various landscapes. And interestingly, there's no particular favorite track; each is solid. Although if forced to choose the opening track, Union Pacific is pretty tight. Pair the album with Colorado's Songbird Cellars and Elevation Beer Company, where the band is scheduled to perform in May. Cheers.

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