Friday, December 14, 2007

Bob Schneider @ Jammin Java

Last night, December 13th, I was able to attend the first of two Bob Schneider acoustic shows at my home town music venue: Jammin' Java. I have previously seen Bob play at festivals and show with his band - so this was a unique opportunity to see him alone - and interact with the audience. We were able to witness his sense of humor, from the self depravity to softly heckling noisy patrons. Then there's the songs. I had followed news group postings of other performances and heard that the show was the "cleanest" people had ever heard. Not this time. After starting with a couple crowd favorites from Lonelyland, he broke into several songs not suitable for many audiences - both the songs and the stories behind the songs were hilarious. In between these adult songs, he mixed in more favorites from I'm Good Now and The Californian - playing either the acoustic guitar, keyboard, piano, and even the trumpet. What an expert. Then there was the last song before the encore with the Philadelphia Allstars. What a trip - words can't describe - you have to see. For an encore, he played three songs ending with the longest version of Batterang that I have ever heard, intertwining Vienna into the story.

I strongly recommend seeing Bob Schneider - either on this acoustic tour or with his band. It is a pleasure to view an artist that is comfortable in his ability to have fun and interact with the audience.

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