Monday, February 11, 2008

Jammin Java's Rock N' Roll Songwriters Circle

On Sunday February 10th, I was invited to one of Jammin Java's Rock N' Roll Songwriters Circle, this one featuring Luke Brindley, Shane Hines, Todd Wright, and Anthony Fiacco of the Blackjacks. Basically the idea of a songwriters circle is to get a few artists together in an informal environment to swap stories and play a few songs. The songs could be new material, new versions of older songs, or just anything that comes to them at the moment. Each of these artists have a strong local following in the Washington D.C area so there was a healthy turnout for a Sunday night. They opened the evening by each playing one of their own songs, then took turns playing a song written by each other. My favorite was Fiacco's interpretation of Brindley's Hudson River. Brindley turned around and played a semi-raunchy tune of Fiacco's which drew laughs from the crowd - considering the father of five's usual mild demeanor. Throughout the evening Wright and Hines traded humorous banter and instigated another round of laughing from the audience when they flustered Brindley before his last song. But this wasn't a comedy show - the four showed why they are excellent songwriters and musicians. They ended the night in a band format, Brindley on drums, Fiacco on bass, Wright on the keyboard, and Hines on guitar rocking to Dancing Queen. That's something you won't see often - but you know what, it was a better performance than the Abba tribute bands that sell out Wolf Trap each summer.

This weekend Todd Wright joins Shane Hines and the Trance on a one week tour of London where they will be playing first at the The Bedford and then three nights at the famous Abbey Road Studios. The trip is being partially sponsored by XM Radio World Space UPop 29 which has given Hines some airplay the past year. Each of these artists will be returning to Jammin Java in the next two months or playing in local Washington D.C. venues. I can't wait for an opportunity to see Fiacco and the Blackjacks in a more rock in roll environment. Jammin Java also has a great schedule coming this weekend. On Friday February 15 you can hear roots rock from Hoots and Hellmouth and the following night rockin' blues from the great Popa Chubby. Check for their schedules.

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