Saturday, February 23, 2008

Nicholas Marks and Ari

While covering the South Beach Food and Wine Festival at our partner site, we discovered an amazing duo playing at one of the local South Beach restaurants, Nicholas Marks and Ari. This husband and wife team is pure entertainment, from his "world famous gypsy rumba flamenco virtuoso guitar" playing to her Hungarian gypsy-inspired violin playing. The combination is pure entertainment with Nicholas playing the guitar behind his back with the same rythem as playing on his knees and Ari dancing and playing the electric violin among the crowd. Pure passion - both from the performers and the audience - our son could not stop clapping afterwards.

The '"Jimi Hendrix" of Flamenco music' is an appropriate description for this duo. I strongly encourage people to see them - or purchase their CDs. They also have very interesting bios that you will find on their website. I can't wait until I "stumble" upon this act again tonight.

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