Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Chris Knight in Downtown Harrisonburg

Some artists are worth traveling great distances to see, and for us, Chris Knight belongs in this category. Although the distance wasn't too great, we drove - without a second thought - the two hours to watch Knight give a free concert in Downtown Harrisonburg on July 17th. Accompanied by his usual partner, Chris Clark, the two performed most of our favorite songs from his repertoire. We are talking about It Ain't Easy Being Me | The Devil Got Behind the Wheel | Crooked Road | Bring the Harvest Home | Something Changed | House and 90 Acres | The River's Own | Maria | Devil Behind the Wheel | Oil Patch Town | A Train Not Running | Down The River | Enough Rope. He even entertained the many children in the audience with a short "The Itsy Bitsy Spider"; before finishing with an encore set of Love and a .45 and Framed. Knight's songwriting and sound is so authentic we never tire of listening. For me its Enough Rope, Dirt, House and 90 Acres, and It Ain't Easy Being Me almost every day. They never get old. See the MyJoog facebook page for more photos and videos - I love Clark's mandolin on It Ain't Easy Being Me.

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