Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Waybacks @ Jammin Java

Our favorite local music venue, Jammin' Java, had a great July schedule in part by booking bands such as The Waybacks. We first heard the band live at this year's Merlefest and I learned later that the playing this festival for the past few years has given the San Francisco band an East Coast fan base. This showed by the large audience who came out on a Tuesday night. The Waybacks are fronted by James Nash, who is perhaps one of the best acoustic pickers we have seen. With the addition of Warren Hood on the fiddle and mandolin; Chuck Hamilton on drums; and Joe Kyle Jr. on bass, there is no telling what type of sound you will hear. On this night they played anything from Professor Longhair Louisiana blues, Canadian folk; classical, acoustic latin, jazz, swing, and San Francisco rock. Many of these were accentuated by long bass solos by Joe Kyle - adding a little funk to the stew. Every song was unique - never the same rhythm, which made the night extremely entertaining. We look forward to listening to the three discs in the Secret Stage Mixes - live shows from three excellent venues.

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