Friday, September 25, 2009

Win a Hollis Brown House Concert

Facing ever tightening budgets, artists are employing clever techniques in order to finance recordings or to expand their listening base. Last year, Austin based The Belleville Outfit sold sponsorship for each song in order to acquire the necessary funds to pay for studio time. In return the sponsor's names were listed in the CD's liner notes and the band gave a house concert for each sponsor.

The latest innovation is being displayed by the NYC rock band, Hollis Brown. In order to increase the band's exposure, they are conducting a contest to see who can drive the most traffic to view their latest video, "Show Love". The prize - a free house concert given by the band. Here is the actual instructions: "The person who gets the most friends to view the new Hollis Brown video "Show Love" will receive a free concert at their house! No purchase necessary. All participants have to do is fill out a form to email the video to their friends and whoever has the most friends watch "Show Love" will be the grand prize winner." Just go to the Contest page for more information. Hurry, the contest ends September 30th.

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