Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Album Review: Jimmy Herring - Subject to Change Without Notice

Jimmy Herring - Subject to Change Without Notice
Widespread Panic lead guitarist Jimmy Herring has just released his 2nd solo album, Subject to Change Without Notice, which is the most complex instrumental release we've heard in our many days of scouring music. Sorry John Jorgenson. As Herring relates on his website, "he plays guitar - buts wants to be a singer". Well this release sings to us. Harrison's Within You Without You is self evident, and Kaleidoscope Carousel is simply mesmerizing. The jam band comes around in Jimmy McGriff’s Miss Poopie; alt-country Americana in Curfew; and Blues-Rock-Jazz in Bilgewater Blues. Outstanding. This is one CD which never tires from fatigue. And the Jimmy Herring Band (Jeff Sipe - Drums, Matt Slocum - Piano/Keyboards, and Neal Fountain - Bass)  hit the road in November- see you at The State Theatre in Falls Church, Virginia on the 9th.

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