Thursday, December 13, 2012

Emily Hurd Brings Some Sanity to the Christmas Song Market

Chicago based singer-songwriter Emily Hurd started Christmas early this year by spending the month of October drafting ten original songs for her new Christmas CD, Any Given Day.  And I mean original. No overplayed Christmas or seasonal references here. Instead, we get her bluesy, soulful vocals reflecting on love and relationships - all wrapped around this glorious season. Take Glögg - a reference to mulled wine, but a song referring to a couple spending quality romance together. Or In the Spirit of Giving, a powerful song of the reconciliation of the soul. And we all want to believe in magic - Children Believe. Love Chain of Light as well. Did I mention the accompanying musicians: Gerald Dowd, Gregg Ostrom, and John Abbey.  Outstanding. In fact, this is such an enjoyable CD, I want to listen all year; you won't find it being boxed up with our other Christmas CDs and ornaments. Merry Christmas.

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