Friday, December 14, 2012

Album Review: JD Hobson's Outlaw Country Blues: Where the Sun Don’t Shine

It's no secret that we love our Americana and Blues genres and recently we were sent a CD of an artist that combines the two - the  JD Hobson Band (Dan Infecto on upright bass and Nick Auckland on drums). Their latest release, Where the Sun Don't Shine is part country blues, part outlaw country - but all good.  t's starts outlaw-ish in Last Kind Words and Carter Cain; then slowly turns turns to soulful country blues before turning boogie-woogie in Blues in the Bottle. My favorite tracks are Sick in My Soul and Nobody's Dirty Business - so listen to the end. There seems to be a lot of good music coming out of Seattle  and JD Hobson surely enhances that city's music scene. 

“This music is about reaching down deep and coming up with something authentic and timeless. The trials, sadness, and triumphs of people here in America continue on today only dressed in different clothes. Times have changed, but we inherit the blues.” - JD

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