Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Album Review: Stone Blind Valentine - Burn Like a Field

Last week our friend, Emily Hurd, sent us a review copy of her latest project: the Stone Blind Valentine - Burn Like a Field. The band is an acoustic trio of Hurd and fellow Chicago musicians Colby Maddox and Gregg Ostrom, with the debut album recorded in 2 days at Chicago's King Size Sound Labs.

I was won over at  Promised Land, the lyrics and vocals reminding me of Hurd's Long Lost Ghosts, and the soothing flat picking and mandolin from Ostrom and Maddox. This song, on its own, is worth purchasing the album.  But don't ignore the other tracks. Chicago blues mingle with the fiddle in Extra Extra;  bluegrass in Gold Fever; sweet harmonies in Crown the Kings; and gospel jazz in Whiskey Neat - that's how I enjoy my bourbon. Or perhaps this video of Think What You Will will convince you. Cheers.

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