Monday, May 20, 2013

Cracker - The Ultimate Rock Band

Cracker is easily my favorite rock band and with a run against The Drive-By Truckers, the Allman Brothers, and Lynyrd Skynyrd, may be my favorite American rock band of all time. In fact, they are band #1 in the database (the DbT are band #2). So of course I made the short trip to Falls Church to see them, and their compatriots, Camper Van Beethoven, perform at the The State Theatre on May 16th. And they seem to get better with age; Johnny Hickman can burn up the guitar and David Lowery is the ultimate conductor. Maybe its the fight with NPR that keep them motivated. In any case, they were rockin'. And its easy to forget how many great songs they released. Yes there are the classics like Low, Teen Anthem, Eurotrash Girl, & Get Off This. But then there's Sweet Thistle Pie, I See the Light, Take Me Down To The Infirmary, and I Ride My Bike. And let's not forget their Countryside, this night covering Dwight Yoakam - the guys are extremely versatile. The only disappointment was no Lonesome Johnny Blues. Maybe next time.

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