Thursday, March 13, 2014

Album Review: The Howlin' Brothers - Trouble

It seems like The Howlin' Brothers keep popping up on our radar; first with their debut CD Howl, then their Sun Sessions and now a new CD, Trouble. This album is due to be released April 29th, but I received an early link and have been enjoying their old style Americana. And point blank, I love this release. Why? Well I love blues and there's plenty of that in Night and Day. I love zydeco, and there's a little of that in Monroe and Louisiana. Gospel - you bet: Yes I Am!; Old time country roots - World Spinning Round. They round the bases, nailing each genre and delivering a powerful, powerful release. This is how music should be performed - at least in my world. Pair with home town Ithaca Beer Company. Cheers.

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