Monday, March 3, 2014

Album Review: Lost & Nameless - Empty Spaces

Lost & Nameless - basically that was my expression when I first received their Empty Spaces CD. Who are these guys and gal? Well, they are Patrick Conway, Chris Peterson, Nathan Quiring, and Kimberly Zielnicki and they play an interesting style of folk rock bordering on Pop and Americana. Interesting also describes their musical pairings - organ, fiddle, guitars, lap steel, mandolin, accordion, banjo, bass - basically you never know what you will get in any one song.  Little Tornado is a good representation of their sound as is the next track, Proud. They also prove that they can slow it down in Aiden's Lullaby which showcases Zielnicki's vocals and then Coffee/Lime Rock showcases her fiddle. This probably isn't a release that I would seek out; but I'm glad that it landed on my doorstep because it's entertaining - and my son really enjoys it. I'd guess their shows are quite entertaining as well. Here's how you can get to know the band a little more before the March 18th release date. Cheers.

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