Friday, April 25, 2014

Album Review: The Warren G. Hardings - Get A Life

This week I received another sample from Hearth Music,  this time from the high-energy Seattle string-band The Warren G. Hardings and their latest release: Get A Life. And I'm talking high energy - it slows for Anonymous Waltz - but otherwise Dave Zelonka (Guitar), Gabriel Marowitz (Mandolin), Andrew Knapp (Bass), Steve Werner (Banjo), and Lee Callender (Fiddle) crank out some fast based music. Even at the frenetic pace, the harmonies are spot on. Check out Darling. The songs are all original with some great lines - “my girl is cool as water/warm as brandy wine” - or the lyrics in What Can I Say & Cannibal Lies. Pair this brewgrass with one of Seattle's McMenamins live music friendly breweries. Cheers

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