Thursday, August 7, 2014

Nicky C and the RSB Impresses with Much Obliged

This weekend I attended the Nicky C and the RSB CD release show at Jammin Java and have been listening to their debut CD, Much Obliged, since. I've come away quite impressed. I had listened to their promotional demo last year, and it appears the trio have hit their stride. That demo had more of a southern Rock sound, whereas Much Obliged has a more contemporary rock sound reminiscent of Hollis Brown. Frontman Nick Collins provides the bass and vocals and his voice sounds somewhat similar to a recent listen of Ryan Harkrider of The Nightowls.  Josh Stansfield plays a wicked guitar throughout - this guy has talent.. My favorite track is Baltimore, perhaps because it has a local feel, but also because drummer Justin Ehrlich comes alive blasting his way through the drum kit. Another locally themed song is 4th of July - quite a catchy tune that I seem to be humming throughout the week. The CD finishes big, with the title track - a song where Ehrlich's beat combines with Stansfield's guitar to create a jammin' composition. For $5, this was a bargain. In honor of Baltimore, pair with Brewer's Art's Resurrection Ale. Cheers.

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