Thursday, August 14, 2014

Guy Clark - My Favorite Picture Of You

Guy Clark new album review This week I finally purchased master songwriter Guy Clark's latest CD, My Favorite Picture Of You, for a mere $5 through Amazon. It had been four years since his last release of new material and that period has been difficult for the 72 year old. Just check out the cover. That's a photo of his late wife, Susanna, after she found her husband drunk with Townes Van Zandt.The love of his life passed away in 2012 and My Favorite Picture Of You displays the heartache Clark must feel: A curse on your lips but all I can see / Is beautiful. All the songs were either written or co-written by Clark, except for Lyle Lovett's "The Waltzing Fool". You will also hear some wonder harmonies supplied by Morgane Stapleton - listen to "Cornmeal Waltz", "Good Advice", and the title track. But don't get distracted by the simple beauty of these songs - they have meaning.  For instance maybe that Good Advice isn't your place to give; or how dangerous illegal immigration can be for immigrants in “El Coyote”.  My favorite track is the last, the blues infused “I’ll Show Me" co-written with Rodney Crowell. The song showcases Clark's talents as a guitarist in addition to his songwriting abilities -> plus more harmonies from Stapleton. Pair with Big Bend Brewing Co, located not far from Clark's birthplace of Monahans, Texas.

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