Thursday, May 21, 2015

Dom Flemons Offers Free Download of "What Got Over" EP

Carolina Chocolate Drops alum and talented multi-instrumentalist Dom Flemons is offering a free download of his What Got Over EP through May. After the free download period, the EP will be available in the following stores. Here's Flemons describing how the EP evolved.
When I recorded Prospect Hill back in January 2014, I knew from the beginning that I would have a lot of extra songs. Overall, we recorded about 30 tracks and I was only able to include a portion of these on the final album. On my What Got Over EP I present a few tracks that I felt were too good to leave in the vault. Included on this EP are also a few alternates to the main tracks I picked for Prospect Hill—versions in which I experimented with the sound and instrumentation but in the end they didn’t make the final cut.
Enjoy this companion as one more testament to 2014: The Year of the Folksinger with the hope that the music will push on! We all can use a few extra sets of hands to help in the cause of making good honest music. I want to present this collection as a thank you to all the fans and lovers of good music. This one is for you! Catch you all down the road!
And these songs are too good to leave in the vault. First timers would never guess these are contemporary songs; full of old time instruments and a throwback vocals. The harp laced electric blues in Clock on the Wall is an exception; actually a terrific exception and a new side to Flemons I've never heard.  The remainder of the EP is pure Flemons the historian. Go listen.

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