Thursday, May 14, 2015

Album Review: Woody Pines Upcoming Self Titled Release

If you are a fan of Old Crow or Pokey LaFarge, Woody Pines upcoming self titled album on Nashville’s Muddy Roots Records label should be your thing. In fact, Woody Pines and Gill Landry toured together previously as a jugband.  The album combines that sound with a little country blues and rootsy country to create one special release. Pines is augmented by Skip Frontz Jr on bass and Brad Tucker on electric guitar, with the album produced by Grammy-winner Mitch Dane and mixed by Vance Powell. Two tracks you must seek out are Little Stella Blue and Make It To The Woods; one soft, the other rough and bluesy - but both excellent songs. Delta Bound is another great blues song; Walking Stick and Black Rag Swing will be festival favorites. The album is due out May 28th and pair with the several breweries where the band is performing this summer: Triumph Brewing Company, Bearwaters Brewery, and Marietta Brewing Company. Cheers.

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