Friday, January 25, 2008

Asylum Street Spankers @ Jammin Java

The Asylum Street Spankers came to town Thursday January 24th and what a performance. From the moment they took the stage until their last hip-hop number, they had the crowd singing and enjoying each song. And that's the beauty of the Spankers, throughout the night they alternated between blues, jazz, reggae, swing, country western, and yes, hip-hop.

Their lyrics are clever and not for the politically correct. From Wammo's Beer and Winning the War on Drugs, to Charlie King's My Baby in the CIA, to Nevada Newman's Hermaphrodite - the lyrics show that the Asylum Street Spankers are probably at the forefront of the Keep Austin Weird movement. A few of the other crowd favorites were Leafblower, My Favorite Record, T.V. Party, Got My Mojo Working, and You Only Love Me for My Lunchbox - from their family friendly CD, Mommy Says No!. Add in the jazzy vocals and wit of Christina Marrs and you have a great show - only Guy Forsyth's presence would make it better. What also makes the Spankers special is that instead of hiding backstage during intermission, the band members spread out among the audience - as if they had just played in someone's living room. During the encore Scott Marcus and Josh Hoag took center stage with Scott playing a drum solo on Josh's base cello. They ended the show with the crowd standing and dancing to Skynard during HickHop.

One last comment. Before the break Christina asked the audience to take a look at the merchandise for sale in the back to help support the band. Its very expensive for any band - let alone a large band like the Spankers - to travel. Add in the higher cost in gasoline and hotel rooms and its hard for a band to profit from a tour. How can you help - go out and support live music.

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