Friday, January 11, 2008

MyJoog Artist - Brad Payne

We are launching a new category called MyJoog Artists to highlight some of the most talented musicians that toil daily in obscurity. The first artist is Brad Payne, who plays regularly in St. Augustine, Florida. I first saw Brad outside of Jacksonville Beach on a Sunday morning, nursing a hangover from the previous night's Georgia-Florida game. We were driving along the road looking for a place to eat and saw a small restaurant overlooking a canal. Walking into the deck we bumped into a guy wearing a tank top and dark sunglasses fumbling with his guitar. My first thought was "he's not going to help our situation." Boy was I wrong.

We had stumbled upon an amazing musician, from his soulful voice to his guitar savyness. To put his guitar playing in perspective one customer requested Dueling Banjos, in which Brad immediately ripped into the song with his acoustic guitar mimicking a banjo. It was awesome. He spent the day playing a few requested covers, but trying to stick to his own material. Anyone who had traveled to the Outer Banks would appreciate his song Beach in Carolina. My Father was also a favorite, particular during a father-son trip. Then my favorite, The Paynefull Truth. A few hours later and two CDs each, we had to leave, but I promised myself to find this guy again.

Since Brad rarely updated his website this task was difficult. I had to settle to listening to my CDs (Accoustic Storm and The Paynefull Truth) over and over again. A couple years later I stumbled upon an online article that Brad Payne was playing regularly at the All Stars Sports Bar in St. Augustine. Since then, I've traveled a couple times to hear him play. Each show is the same - Brad winning people over with his music. Besides the two earlier CDs, he has a live CD with Danny Rosado, "Hippie n da Rattler" and is releasing a new CD, "Acoustic Bootleg". Time for another trip south. Oh yea, if you don't believe me, check out the posts on his guestbook.

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