Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Robbie-Noceros @ Jammin' Java

Little did I know a couple of years ago that I would be spending New Years Eve watching a kid's act - and not only that - thoroughly enjoying it. This was the case Monday as my son and I watched the second of two shows of Robbie-Noceros - a collaboration between Robbie Schaefer and Rocknoceros (my sons' favorite musical group). I've seen Rocknoceros a couple times during their usual Wednesday stint at Jammin' Java - but for today they paired with Robbie Schaefer - another well-known Washington performer (think Eddie from Ohio) - to produce the best kid's show I saw last year. And I saw a lot of acts last year.

Robbie Schaefer broke away from his solo and Eddie from Ohio performances to record a kid's CD: Songs For Kids Like Us. The songs are similar in style to his folk-roots style and complement the rock-ish tone of Rocknoceros. What made this show unique was that each act learned each other's songs - so that Schaefer played guitar and sang harmonies for the Rocknoceros' songs and vice versa. At our house we listen to the same songs from Dark Side of the Moon Bounce and Rocknoceros over and over again - so it was nice to see a little variation with the addition of Robbie Schaefer and his son. As for Songs For Kids Like Us - I liked the story of Bob - the cowboy who talks backward - and the Carp song - kids will sing along about anything.

Like most of these shows, the best part was watching my son and the other children stand and clap after each song and participate in the New Year's "toast". I really hope they perform together again - its worth it for the adults and kids. Until then, Rocknoceros plays every Wednesday at Jammin' Java and Robbie Schaefer plays with Ellis Paul at the Barns at Wolftrap in April.

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