Saturday, March 20, 2010

Jill King - Rain on Fire

We've been receiving several CDs lately from female artists and Rain on Fire by Jill King was one of these and a nice surprise as well. This is her third CD, but the first for us; all originals, part bluesy, part country, even a little hip hop to fight tradition. I really liked the first track, Beautiful World, but it was the second track, California, that caught my attention. Beautiful World is a cleverly written love song (there’s nothing in this beautiful world worth fighting you for), but California is an alt-country tune that sticks. I listened several times - reminded me of a female Dave Alvin. Maybe its the subject matter. I’ll Keep Loving You is a beautifully sung inspiration - listen to that voice. She probably needed the inspiration since while writing the lyrics for this CD she lost Bruce Holloway, one of her co-writers, and also, Miss Glenda, her "second" mother.

What made the rest of the CD enjoyable is that each song is different. Rain On Fire focuses on funky vocals, 16 Elephants is a tent revival of guitar and strings, God My Father is a bit jazzy and gospel-ish, and Undertow would make a good reprise in a modern day Body Heat. Then there's Mark on Me, which includes commentary by Steven Johnson, grandson of Robert Johnson, sections of “Crossroad Blues”, and a rap by V. Mayz. Not sure of the rap, though. The CD changes pace with a Latin sound in Taking Me Back and this is easily my favorite track. Love the accordion. The CD goes on, All I Want, Something Worth Stealing, Black Rose, and Didn't You Know. I enjoyed this CD even more after every listen, give it a listen.

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