Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Joshua Tree Music Festival

Although we will not be able to attend, the lineup for this year's Joshua Tree Music Festival looks very interesting.
stanton warriors (saturday)
(UK) Monster dance floor technicians; one of the most popular & distinctive dance DJ, production and remix outfits in the world - Mark Yardley & Dominic B - the Stanton Warriors. Dig em live under the stars in the magical mojave in May ! The Warriors have succeeded in not only bucking musical definition but have picked it up by the collar and kicked it's ass out of the music world. With their eclectic past and drawing on some traditional sounds of underground house, hip hop, electro and funk, they've mixed up the old and the new and come out with something bigger than the sum of its parts, namely the Stanton sound! Not many can claim to have defined a 'sound', but Yardley and Dominic B should definitely be there if there's ever a ruck on the subject. The Stanton Warriors have carefully honed a distinct sound that carves up dance floors through 4 corners of the world sounding fresh and bringing something new to the party. As Dom said at the start of it all when he first saw the reaction to one of their tracks at the Notting Hill Carnival 'Everybody was dancing'. We're a few years down the line but it's still about 'everybody' and 'dancing' - there's just more people at the party! Check out the Good Vibrations Video
mexican institute of sound (live band) (friday)
(MEXICO) “The sound of old Mexican cumbias, boleros and mariachi tunes scrambled with samples, effects and beats, from lounge music to funk to low-budget beat boxes.” - NEW YORK TIMES “Camilo Lara works the electro-dance scene like the James Murphy [LCD Soundsystem] of Latin America. Think Hot Chip visiting the Buena Vista Social Club; think traditional samples with bells and beats; think a sweaty indie-dance party below the bustling streets of one of the world’s most populous cities.” - CMJ Mexican Institute of Sound’s (M.I.S.) third album ‘Soy Sauce’ was released by Nacional Records in USA/Canada, El Volcan Music in Spain, MiCo in Mexico and Cooking Vinyl everywhere else this past Spring 2009. The album traverses Lara’s wild musical imagination with a witty sense of humor for good effect... whether it’s converting the traditional sounds of cumbia to a full-on electronic dance track, paying tribute to hip hop luminaries De La Soul or N.W.A. with Mexican sonidos or singing a love song as if Serge Gainsbourg had spent time in the Mayan jungle.
fort knox five (live band) (saturday)
(DC) - A major force on the international funk and breaks scene. Having released and arsenal of knee knockin floor rockin singles & remixes, Fort Knox Five have the midas touch for producing heavy hitting singles. Their world renowned groundbreaking sound of organic hooks come from their distinct interweaving of live instruments & funky electronic breakbeats, and has resulted in monster re-mixes for Africa Bambaataa, A. Skillz, Kraak & Smaak, Krafty Kuts, Ursula 100, Tito Puente, Louis Armstrong & Bob Marley. The funk truly hits the fan at a live show. Serious sweat inducing palpitations at the dance station.
midnite (saturday)
(ST. CROIX) Time is not counted from daylight but from midnite. Trance induding naked and raw is an apt description for Midnite's musical style, in which they forgo the frills of extensive remixes, overdubbing and other musical refinements. Hailing from the Island of St Croix, Midnite is one of the preeminent roots reggae bands of the millennium. Vanguards of conscious reggae who represent the King's and Queen's music to the fullness of Jah. Midnite's profound and innovative lyrics are sincere and deeply rooted to present the other half of the story. Midnite explodes in live performances with sets that often exceed 3 hours. Their vigorous, weighty sound, driven by the punchy bass lines creates a vibe that penetrates straight to the heart. These epic musical communions have earned Midnite an enormous following throughout the roots community. Dig them live at sunset in the magical Mojave !
gaudi (friday)
(UK) An international favorite on the electro-dance scene, italian born singer, musician & composer comes to Joshua Tree fresh from the studio with solo album #12 (No Prisoners on Six Degrees Records). His previous release (Dub Qawwali) was #2 on iTunes chart (usa) & the #1 selling electronic album on Amazon. Gaudi's live performances are innovative and unconventional: He is more 'oneman band for the 21st century' than DJ and has adopted the decks into hisset as another instrument in his 'kit bag' - alongside his Moog, Theremin, Megaphone, Tape delay, Dub siren, Stylophone, multi-effect boxes, live dubbed vocals, Melodica and a myriad other percussive and sonic gadgets! His is a unique approach that connects w/ audiences, a signature style of 'Dub n Breakz' that is a bass-driven, dance floor filling mix of irresistible grooves, floor shaking bass, and technological wizardry to engage the body and the senses. Fat tunes ranging from serious electronic to roots reggae and beyond.
bonerama (saturday)
(New Orleans) - Kickin' brass and takin' names. Even in a city that doesn’t play by the rules, New Orleans’ Bonerama is something different. They can evoke vintage funk, classic rock and free improvisation in the same set; maybe even the same song. Bonerama has been repeatedly recognized by Rolling Stone, hailed as “the ultimate in brass balls” (2005) and praised for their “…crushing ensemble riffing, human-feedback shrieks and wah-wah growls” (2007). Bonerama carries the brass-band concept to places unknown; what other brass band could snag an honor for “Best Rock Band” (Big Easy Awards 2007)? As cofounder Mark Mullins puts it, “We thought we could expand what a New Orleans brass band could do. Bands like Dirty Dozen started the “anything goes” concept, bringing in the guitars and the drum kit and using the sousaphone like a bass guitar. We thought we could push things a little further.”
delhi 2 dublin (sunday)
(CANADA) Delhi 2 Dublin is a group of five musicians who mashup electronica with world music, keeping it heavy on the Bhangra and Celtic flavours. Fusing tabla, fiddle, dhol, electric sitar, and Punjabi and English vocals with scorching electronic beats, Delhi 2 Dublin takes listeners on a wild ride through global sounds and synchronicities. Their unique style of live electronica is the ultimate transcultural music experience. It is the sound for today’s Globalista. Their foot stomping, high energy live set has won them rabid fans at Bumbershoot, Shambala, High Sierra, Earthdance and Vancouver music festivals. Their diligent touring ethic and their quest to take over the world one dance floor at a time has led to a cult following with their heavy metal Sitar vs. Fiddle dance off duels ! Get to know them via this VIDEO
orgone (friday)
(LA) - orgone (ôr'g_n) n. A universal life force, a cosmic unit of energy, the creative force in nature. “Nasty, distorted, finger-popping, ass waggling old-school funk goes head to head with the gloss of L.A.'s Tower of Power styled horn charts “ All Music. "Orgone recalls acts like Fela Kuti, Trouble Funk, and War, but with a heavy dose of disco, where the deep groove and diva vocals are so authentic, they could be samples." The Onion. “ Big slabs of grizzled R&B, greasy as fatback and thick as a very particular kind of smoke. They recall the majesty of Sly & the Family Stone, and there's a riot goin' on!” eMusic. Modernized Parliament - Meters old school funkatized with gritty chicano style riffs & afro funk !
the mast featuring haale (sunday)
(NY) Haale (as in halle-lujah or jalepeno), is a bronx born woman of Iranian descent whose name means 'halo around the moon.' Her songs are trance-inducing, rhythmically propulsive, and lyrically engaging tapestries that draw on both Persian mystical and American psychedelic musical traditions. Haale has performed at Bonnaroo, SXSW, the Mimi_Festival in France, in David Byrne's_series at Carnegie Hall, and shared the stage with the_legendary Hugh Masakela and Odetta. " A female rocker who balances electric-guitar frenzy_with the intimacy and alluring elusiveness of poetry." Boston globe. "Pregnant with explosive ideas and genre smashing sonics, the music of_Haale Gafori and partner in crime percussionist-producer Matt Kilmer_engages faith, politics and love in refreshing ways that understand_that lovely and terrible things coexist. Haale's inherent poetry leans_back to Patti Smith and Rumi, Jefferson Airplane and T.S. Eliot -_engagers of the world's saints and sinners that reveal the unseen_realm behind all things." Jambase.
staxx brothers (sunday) (Seattle) Hard Ass Soul ! The Staxx Brothers are a high energy American band, hailing from Seattle, Washington, that has spent the last seven years crafting an the incredible sound they've branded Hard Ass Soul. It's quite simply the most danceable and hip shaking brand of rock & roll to hit US streets since Motown left Detroit. Where modern Rock most often has forgotten its Roll, The Staxx Brothers make it back to the juke joint, and take you back to the black church, dragging modern rock by its collar right back to its birthright - with an epic flare that matches any of the classics. “A huge mob on stage, they've imbibed whatever elixir Bootsy, George and Bernie swallowed back in the day, getting up there and proudly playing rump rattlin' cartoons and then backing it up with whomping good musicianship and tunes you gotta be dead to resist “ jambase.
radio devi (saturday)
(SF) House of Hamsa presents ! Progressive World Groove. Ambient Ethno Groove. Radio Devi utilizes a combination of live and textured loops that create a rich and uplifting dance atmosphere. A unique fusion of ancient world instruments over funky grooves and dub basslines with soulfull R n B vocal stylings. Radio Devi was formed out of the critically acclaimed and award winning world music group Hamsa Lila. Radio Devi features Ian "Inkx" Herman on drums and Samples (Hamsa Lila, Hugh Masakela, Paul Simon, Foxgluv, Post Junk Trio, Rain Maker, Shabaz) Vir McCoy (Hamsa Lila, Foxgluv, YOU, Kid Kaleidoscope) on Bass, Guitar, Sintir, Saz, Guimbri and other strings, Evan Fraser (Hamsa Lila, The Funnies) on Ngoni, Sanza, Jaw Harp, Synthesizers, Percussion, Lyra, Ney, Flutes, Lap Steel and others. Deja Solis (Hamsa Lila, Qawaalis) lays her soulfull diva vocals over the top.
locura (saturday)
(SF) LoCuras music is strongly rooted in Flamenco, deepened through their time living in southern Spain and traveling in Morocco. But it is in the way they move in and out of other musical styles, like Reggae, Cuban Son, and Hip-Hop that results in an irresistible desire to move and to be moved. In Spain the expression "Ida y Vuelta" is used to describe certain styles within Flamenco that made a "round-trip" from Spain to Latin America, mixing with music from the African slave and Indigenous populations. With this idea of music traveling and music as creative resistance, LoCura takes the trip back again mixing it up with their own Califas Flamenkito, Reggae, and Cuban Son styles. As the name implies, LoCura taps into the maelstrom of daily experiences to find that point where opposites meet and dance to convey the way different musical traditions can move so fluidly together. Moved by the music that crosses borders and takes root in different lands, LoCura draws from this creative 'rebelde' spirit to cultivate the cures passed on from our ancestors. Dance music that uplifts the spirit and provides food for the soul- a sound track to feeling alive! VIDEO
wally ingram & jerry joseph (saturday)
(Yucca Valley/NY)) Wally and Jerry, along with Dave Schools (Widespread), Eric McFadden, and Danny Louis (Govt. Mule), comprise the super group Stockholm Syndrome (catch them on tour in FEB/MAR). Jerry (renowned for his work with the Jackmormons), writes complex, image laden songs and performs them with an unbridled combination of attitutde, soulfulness and swagger. Wally (drummer and percussionist extraordinaire and high desert resident), has created musical imagery, magic and color with his Kit (serious bag of tricks) for an amazing list of musical superstars and geniuses such as Crowded House, Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, Eric Burdon, Sheryl Crow, Warren Zevon, Keb Mo', James Taylor, Crosby Stills Nash, and David Lindley (toooo long a list !!!). Together the two longtime friends and musical co-conspirators create a magical musical sum much greater than it's parts ! dig em live, loud and proud in the desert !
wunmi - queen of afrobeat fusion (saturday)
(UK/NIGERIA) Wunmi is famed for her Nu Yorican Afro-house workouts with Masters at Work (Kenny Gonzalez & Louie Vega, her Funki Dred stylizings with Soul II Soul, and as an icon of London Underground Club Culture and dancefloors worldwide. The Wunmi stage show is known for its explosive energy, hi-octane dance moves, a super-tight band and an infectious spirit that draws in crowds. She has performed with and alongside African music legends such as Manu Dibango, , Cheikh Lo, Les Nubian, Baaba Maal, Femi Kuti, Tony Allen & Osunlade. Afrobeat, JuJu, Yoruba & Highlife meet global dancefloor sensibilities. Wumni is currently in Ghana recording material for release in may. Dig her live & fresh material in joshua tree!
eric mcfadden trio (sunday)
(SAN FRAN) "McFadden is a master of guitar and mandolin, a 25 year veteran who waltzes the dark, eerie corridors between Jimi Hendrix and Django Reinhardt..." (SF Guardian) "...Part raging rock star, part flamenco gypsy, McFadden is one of the most talented musicians in San Francisco today, bar none. Whenever he steps into the spotlight, McFadden turns up the energy level a few notches, and the unexpected becomes the norm." (Jambase) "...This kindred spirit to Tom Waits and Nick Cave is spittin' some smoky, dark, americana gypsy-blues for the hopeless and undecided...This is one artist with an unflinching command of his muse; highly recommended." "If San Francisco is home to anyone approaching the abilities of a modern Hendrix, it’s Eric McFadden." (Guitar Player)
d numbers (friday)
(Santa Fe, NM) Psychedelic live improvisational dancetronic rock. The magic of D Numbers' live performances is in the real-time reorganization of analog sounds from live instruments into intricate webs of loops, samples and digital bliss. These cats create multilayered compositions rich in texture and depth as the audience watches them bob and sway in sync; stomping on pedals and lunging for knobs and faders, all the while locked in to a solid groove. Exploring a wide range of feels and tonalities that range from melancholy ambience to aggressive rock to ecstatic funk, D Numbers takes their listeners on a sonic joyride. check out this interview & VIDEO
the heavy guilt (friday)
(SAN DIEGO) The Heavy Guilt create raw, fresh and potent American Rock Music. From the demise of Alfred Howard & the K23 Orchestra is born a powerful force of musical mojo. HG is comprised of former K23 members Josh Rice (keys) and Alfred Howard (prolific lyricist extraordinaire & percussion), Erik Canzona (vox), Sean Martin (electric guitar), Jason Littlefield (upright and electric bass) and Jenny Merullo (drums). Their debut album, Lift Us Up From This, is a work that clearly shows these folks are wise old souls who have lived many lives. Get to know the Heavy Guilt by checking out this VIDEO
z-1 project (late sat early sun)
(SAN FRAN) With it's members originating from South Africa, the United Kingdom and California, and with close to a decade of playing music together, the Z-1 PROJECT has finally found the perfect beat. In close collaboration with ZONE AV the Z-1 PROJECT utilizes the OPUS sound system and dub specialist engineers to maximum effect, presenting an audio visual feast on every outing. Ian "Inkx" Herman on drums (Hamsa Lila, Hugh Masakela, Paul Simon, Habib Koite, Vusi Mahlasela, Foxgluv, Post Junk Trio, Rain Maker, Radio Devi, Shabaz) Sage Jared on guitar (Foxgluv,The Real) Dj Treadwell on turntables and DjKin on bass (Foxgluv, Lumpheads,Tranquil Elephantizer, Sugar Lump,Camberwell Butterflies) with special guests: MC Wise Proof and Vir McCoy. Take a late night journey into the realms of freestyle funk, psychedelic rock, hip hop, electro and psychic dub. The Z-1 PROJECT colors way outside the lines and promises to feed your head and fuel your feet with a nonstop body rocking ride..... Hold tight!
evaros (sunday))
(Joshua Tree) The members of this fourth generation family band have musical vibrations deeply imbedded in their DNA. Siblings Gabriella (vox), Shavaughn (vox), Bryanna (bass, vox), and Gene (guitar, keys, sax, vox), along with Sam Willmore on drums, exude a confidence and mastery of musical skills that belies their age. Divine inspiration provided by sister Natalie combined with a stellar work ethic make the EVAROS a musical force on a mission. The result is an uber awareness of groove laden jazz, soul, reggae & funk that is dance inducing, goose bump conjuring sweet soul music. They've put Herbie Hancock & Jimmy Cliff & Billie Holliday & the Funkadelics into the waring blender to concoct their own magical musical potion. Dance. Groove. Love. Evaro!
geri x (sunday)
(ATLANTA) Bulgaria born singer songwriter, Geri X, traveled the better (or worse) part of europe before settling down in St. Petersburg, Florida. Her classical training on piano & guitar is infused into, and makes for her interesting, emotional stylisings. The music is equal parts pleasure and pain - as riveting and haunting as it is emotional and uplifting. Geri X has been the winner of Best Singer Songwriter (Creative Loafing) in 2006 thru 2008. “combination of the timeless & contemporary. Uniquely hip & eclectic American post folk, but sounds like it learned of love and heartbreak somewhere unfathomably older than here.” Creative Loafing. “She carries the intensity of a Mike Tyson punch with the serene beauty of one of the best female vocalists of this era.” LA post. How about the 'Kiss on Both Eyelids' VIDEO
dusu (sunday)
(PORTLAND) Dusu is an authentic African Malian band fronted by Ibrahim Kelly (nephew of the Legendary 'Ali Farka Toure'). Formed in December of 2009 in Portland Oregon, Dusu combines driving intricate polyrhythms with traditional yet original Malian songs. Instrumentation includes many African drums including the Dununba, Sangaban, Kenkeni, and Djembe as well as drum kit. On top of this unique blend of percussion there is violin, guitar, bass, saxophone, and vocals. The music is extremely danceable and hypnotic inspired by the deepest roots of Africa. Dusu strives to bring about joy and unity through the universal medium of music.

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