Wednesday, February 16, 2011

9th Annual Joshua Tree Music Festival

One day we will travel out west for this one; nowhere will you find such a unique lineup. The Joshua Tree Music Festival runs from May 13-15 and is held at The Joshua Tree Lake Campground and tickets are more than reasonable: $100 for all three days.

eux farka toure (saturday 7:30)
(MALI) A legend in the making, the son of a legend (ali farka toure), from Mali to the Mojave.  When Vieux informed his father that he would pursue a career in music, his father told him to take it seriously and to do it with passion. Vieux is obviously more than a good listener......check out this video of "Bullet the Blue Sky" VIDEO
chali 2na & the house of vibe (saturday 11pm)
(LA) With his unmistakable (Jurassic 5, Ozomatli, Galactic), beloved baritone, Chali is one of the most distinctive, charismatic personalities in music today. Says Chali, “I want to free people’s asses and let their minds follow" He and his band, the House of Vibe, promise to set the caboose loose! 
pimps of joytime (saturday 9:15pm)
(Brooklyn) Outta the Brooklyn live music scene & dj culture, and dripping in some n'awlins juju, the Pimps of Joytime possess an undeniable funky swagger. This most audacious and soulful sound is known as "Janxta Funk". Their spirited attitude and gritty grooves make for an unrivaled live experience.
rubblebucket (sunday 6pm)
(Brooklyn) These cats sound like a kaleidoscope looks -- a continually changing pattern of ebullient drum beats, harmonies and horn exclamations, led by the buoyant vocals and saxophone of Kalmia Traver and the hyperkinetic energy of trumpet player Alex Toth. A mad, mad, mad live show.
locos por juana (friday 9:15pm) (COL/ARG/VEN/Miami) This twice grammy nominated pan - american (colombia, argentina, venezuela) "latin urban orchestra" mixes reggae, cumbia, and salsa with hip-hop, rock, and Latin alternative to concoct a wicked tropical dance party.
ursula 1000 (saturday night - sunday morning 12:30am)
(Brooklyn) Psychedelic sonic sorcery. Ursula 1000 (aka Alex Gimeno) melds electro dancehall, bumping latin disco-funk filth and dirty booty breaks into dance floor black magic. With beats banging harder, and bass popping louder than ever before......sweat it out under the stars LATE NIGHT with Ursula 1000.

sean hayes (saturday 6pm)
(San Francisco) Passionate. Moving. Soul Stirring. This brilliant songsmith (voted best of the bay area by the Guardian) oozes "soulfolkness" that will melt your heart and warm you to the marrow.
youssoupha sidibe  (friday 6pm)
(SENEGAL) Youssoupha, a master Kora player from Dakar, Senegal, spreads the message of oneness and peace via intricate melodies on his 21-sting harp. Grammy nominated for his work with Matisyahu, and well known for his collaborations with Michael Franti & Charles Neville.
saritah (saturday 1:30pm) (Australia) South Korean born, Australian bred. Saritah is a mesmerizing singer, songwriter and multi - instrumentalist. Her positive vision shines through in her earthy, radiant, buoyant grooves. Upon witnessing her live show, Saritah will be your new favorite artist.
el ten eleven  (sunday 4:15pm)
(Los Angeles) A west coast duo with intergalactic skills. This Incredible post-rock/electronic act feature double-neck guitar, live/electronic drums, and some serious effects.....think “Kraftwerk in the Sky with Dancemoves”.
musaics (friday night - sat. morning 12:30am)
(Los Angeles) This globalistic dance inducing Afro Latin Space Dub Skalypso Disco Ensemble is the creation of Jeremy Sole (of Afro Funke, Funky Sole, the LIFT, & KCRW fame) and a dream team of musicians including members of The Lions, Orgone, Quantic Soul Orchestra, Antibalas, JFJO, Dengue Fever, Mayer Hawthorne, Build an Ark and more. Their experimental-yet-steady groove hybridizes elements of Afrobeat, Cumbia, Spiritual Jazz and dubbed-out dancefloor beats, creating a mosaic of music. Dig them late night in the desert !
baraka moon (saturday 3pm) (Oakland, PAKISTAN) Transcendent Sufi Trance Grooves with Didge & Drums. "Baraka" is the Sufi word for "blessing". BARAKA MOON, founded on the night of an eclipse of the Full Moon in 2008 is a trio of virtuoso musicians from 3 distinct cultures and parts of the world - The USA, Pakistan and Great Britain. They play original music with roots based in Qawaali Sufi Trance Songs, Indian, Middle Eastern and African Drums and Percussion and the Australian Aboriginal Didgeridoo.  LEAP into the fire of this Magic Music! SEASON your soul, OPEN your heart, DANCE, SING and absorb the PASSION of an emerging UNIVERSAL and ECSTATIC SOUND full of LOVE and RESPECT for ALL peoples of the world! Baraka Moon is: Sukhawat Ali Khan on vocals &  harmonium, Geoffrey Gordon on drums, percussion, keyboards, bass, guitar,  vocals &  programming and Stephen Kent on didjeridu, shakers & guitar.
marv ellis & the platform (friday 11pm)
(Portland) From the great northwest, Marv raps, molds and manipulates words and cadence structures with the best of them, whilst singing all his own hooks. Backed by the uber talents of The Platform, a world fusion hip-hop collective, Marv & friends create a super fresh, eclectic, conscious, & booty shaking experience!
the lions (saturday 4:30pm)                                                       (Los Angeles) Los Angeles' premier all-star reggae band (members of Orgone, Hepcat, Macy Gray, Fitz & the Tantrums, Breakestra).   With four vocalists backed by eight (and sometimes nine) musicians, their live set is truly transcendant; like the best summer party you can barely remember.  The Lions create an organically distilled, urban sound that mines dub reggae in a vintage yet completely fresh way by tastefully blending it with soul and funk. Skanked up. Lean and crunchy. Soulfully funky.
nosolo (friday 7:30pm)
(Johannesburg, London, New York, San Francisco) Formally Z-1 Project from last years JTMF back stage all nighter.  Emerging from a decade of collaboration in experimental music and tasty jams, NOSOLO proudly present their latest musical mash up. Mindfully blending Afro Bass, Electro Psych Rock, Sample Centric DJ Trickery and MC Mastery. Mix one seasoned UK free party DJ & Bassman with South Africa's wickedest and most sought after drummer. Marinade with a maverick Cali psych guitar genius and one politically raw revolutionary turntablist. Drizzle with a dizzying, lyrical flow from NYC and the far reaches of the cosmos, and enjoy NOSOLO!
scott huckabay (sunday 11:45am)                                                      (Mt Shasta) Using a violin bow, an E-bow, percussion stylings and other effects, he creates a mystical musical landscape that is so multi-textured, vast and breathtaking, it is unimaginable that this music could be created by one man and his guitar. True genius. Spiritual. Magical. Mesmerizing.
saQi ensemble (sunday 2:45pm)  
(Portland) SaQi is a classically trained composer, producer and trumpet player. his music is live eclectic electronica that maintains a proper balance between the organic & synthesized. Live shows rock the dance floor with a musical grace and depth that is brilliant, rare and goose bump inducing.
cornflower (noon on saturday)                                                       (Ashland, OR) Southern Oregon’s own vocalist, beatboxer, one-man jam-band Cornflower, fresh off his main stage performances at Earthdance & Mystic Garden Party, is beginning 2011 with a growing fanbase and turning the heads of industry professionals to his magnetic & ecstatic live performances. Cornflower's music is a fusion of organic Live-tronica, Soul, Dub, Tribal-Funk-Hop. His 'vocal scat' brings you into the moment, using 'beatboxing' to set your body in motion to his soaring melodies and atmospheric grooves that are looped live, right before your eyes. Cornflower’s music intends to unite people across festival fields and dance floors around the world to celebrate each moment through all-live, all-vocal, improvised, organic sound wizardry.
quinn deveaux & the blue beat revue   (sunday 1:15pm)

(San Fran) Dance music for when you're feeling wrong and you wanna feel right.  It's New Orleans soul, southern gospel and early blues with the depth of cracked hands combined with the contagious rhythms you've been looking for all night long.
integratron live sound bath experience (saturday 11:15am, sunday 11am)
(Landers, CA) "The notes sound like they're coming from inside your mind.... a psychedelic sonic experience!" says Robin Pecknold of Fleet Foxes. A healing sound bath resonating from 9 quartz crystal bowls. Prepare for levitation !

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