Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Jamie McLean Band: Last Chance To Support New Album - "TIme Of My Life"

From the Jamie McLean Band Kickstarter page:

We are excited to record and release 4 new EPs (5-7 song mini-albums) in 2011. But we need your help! Imagine getting new Jamie McLean Band music in the mail every 3 months! Electric. Acoustic. Cover songs with special guests. The long awaited live show! With your help we can record, mix, manufacture and release this music!

We are excited to offer so much great new music as well as tons of exclusive rewards! You'll also get the satisfaction of knowing that you're helping support great talent and that you are a part of this amazing group of releases!

Some of the exclusive rewards include:

- Jamie McLean Band concert in your living room!
- Executive Producer Credit!
- Your name in the album credits!
- Autographed Les Paul guitar
- Guitar lesson with Jamie!
- Handwritten lyric sheets!
- Personal Thank You video from the band!
- JMB albums in bulk (share with friends)

The money raised will go to pay for the following costs that go into recording the music.

Recording studio
Mixing and Mix engineers
Studio musicians

Here's the kicker......If we don't reach our goal by the date set we get NONE OF THE MONEY, your donation will be returned to you in full and the EPs won't get recorded! So........if you like what you've been hearing and want to hear a LOT more of it a LOT more often we hope you'll grab your favorite reward package and encourage other fans/friends and family to do so!

Once the goal is met we will RUN to the recording studio and the first EP will be in the mail in a couple of months.

Thanks for your endless support. You guys really are the reason we are here and playing music and living out our dreams! We can't thank you enough!

Jamie, Brian and Ben

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