Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Jackie Bristow - Freedom

 New Zealand native, and Austin transplant, Jackie Bristow has just released her third CD, Freedom. This self produced album (along with Mark Punch) was recorded at Cedar Creek Studios in Sydney Australia and Church House Studio in Austin and includes backing music from Punch, JJ Johnosn, Chris Merash, Matt Fell, Jeff Young, and Clayton Doley. Ms. Bristow's beautiful vocals kept me attentive throughout the CD. Want an example; listen to the last track, Aotearoa - a tribute to our native New Zealand. What a voice. And the backing musicians provide a rootsy sound that one would expect out of Austin. Combine the two and this is a CD worth spending some cash.

Ms. Bristow took time from her current tour with master guitarist Tommy Emmanuel to answer a few questions.

1) By naming the CD and the title track "Freedom" - is that a metaphor for personal experience?

Yes it was,, the song came to me after living in Austin for several months.. I was very inspired by all the great music and playing a lot myself and also just having fun.. I had been living in LA for 3 years before that, and when I got to Austin I felt free as a bird. I was also coming out of personal relationship and also a business deal and was standing on my own and feel a real sense of freedom and liberation...

2) One of my favorite tracks is "Broken Girl". And with "Running", "Hightail it Outta Here", "Holy Mess", "Warning Signs" - there's a theme developing - am I correct?

IF there is a theme developing,, I not sure I planned that.. Hightail it outta here is actually an OLD song, I wrote about 10 years ago with an old school friend... Holy Mess is a song written about a family i know from my hometown in NZ.. Running is a song about running from your is bitter sweet.. running but holding onto the small town values and dreams. Warning signs, and Broken Girl are stories of heartache and quite difficult times.

3) How does this CD differ from your previous 2 releases?
This album I really wanted to have a more fun, we recorded the album very quickly.. some of the songs are more rocky.... I think there is a more a folk/rock/alt country vibe in this album.. the other albums were focused at radio and pop.. I wanted to make an album that rocked and was not over we tried to keep it simple. there are still a few ballads as I still love acoustic ballads...but over all it is a more rockn' album than my first two albums.

4) I understand Aotearoa refers to New Zealand. Tell us how this song relates to your home land?

Aotearoa - is the Native word of "The land of the long white cloud" New Zealand. I really wanted to write a song about my homeland.. and I had tried for many years.. finally after spending time back home before returning to LA where i wrote this song.. After returning home I realized how much I have missed my homeland, missed the countryside, the scenery.. and my own people.. I have traveled for many years and it sneaks up on you.... I wrote the song about the area in NZ where I am from... the deep south of NZ... Talked about the hokouni hills and the lake wakatipu.. some personal special places to me.. at the end of the song there is a maori chant.. and he is calling me back home.. say return return, you are always welcome here.. your ancestor lie here and this is always your home!

5) When coming to the States, why did you select Austin?

I lived in LA for 3 years.. I had visited LA a lot before moving to there.. but living there was not the same and visiting.. I had been to Austin about 6 times over the years for SXSW and touring etc and I always had the sweetest time, I always felt inspired.. so I got this crazy idea to move.. .and as it turned out it wasn't so crazy,, I was brave I think as I moved on my own not knowing to many people but I was made to feel welcome and I just loved my time there.. I am moving back this year after jumping through a couple of hoops to get a new visa.. I thought of living in Nashville but I just don't feel connected to that city.. NCY is just to big for me.. I'm not up for that.. Austin there is culture, great music, great food, sweet people.. musical community.. and a lot of soul... I want to live where I can be inspired to make music and day dream and develop as an artist and Austin allows me to do that!

6) Any favorite Austin-based musicians or local music venues?
Oh I love Gary Clark Jr, Noelle Hampton, Ephraim Owens, Charlie Sexton, Shawn Colvin, Patty Griffin, Billy Harvey, and Jimmie Lafave. And there are so many wonderful musicians in this town., to name a few, Dony Wynn, JJ Johnson, George Reiff, Chris Maresh, Chip Dolan, warren hood... . I love going to Tcs on Mondays night, and see Mark Hays and his band.. I love the Gallery.. and the Continental Club.. and momos is a great venue.. , one world theatre.. there are so many places its hard to name them all.

7) Besides the Australian connection, how did you get connected with Tommy Emmanuel and how has the tour been to this point? Any favorite shows?

The reason I landed this awesome tour was Tommy was touring through Austin 2008 with a good friend of mine opening for him.. Rick Price.. Rick had his own gig at the Cactus Cafe and Tommy was sitting in with him.. Rick invited me to sing a song so I sat in with Tommy and Rick,, then Tommy invited me to perform at his show at the one world theatre.. so I sat in on a song.. I was then invited to join Tommy on his tour for 2011.. This tour would have to be one of the most amazing times of my life.. when I moved to the states.. my dream was to play theaters and here I am singing my songs and selling my cds.. its a great feeling!

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